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Why work at Brick?

We're change-makers:

  • Our education and community model is unique in it’s approach. We’re committed to a comprehensive educational trajectory that supports children to pursue their individual interests while achieving exceptional college and career pathways.
  • In addition to schools, we offer holistic supportive programing for education, health, housing, and more. We recognize that supportive pre-cradle to career services help disrupt cycles of poverty and create the foundation for a student to thrive. A child’s success in the classroom is intertwined with the support outside of the classroom.

Diversity and Belonging

  • We foster a culture of inclusion and belonging. We’re a diverse group of dreamers and do-ers. We’re 86% people color, we’re women, we’re part of the LGBTQ community, we’re parents, we’re caretakers, we’re cheerleaders, we’re hard workers. We mean it when we say all are welcome here.
  • We are committed to ensuring a culturally competent and diverse leadership teams.
  • Our staff reflect the community we serve.

Staff Development

  • Regular (weekly) one-on-one coaching and support: BRICK offers continuous professional development with content experts and school leaders.
  • Network-wide Academic Leadership Team to support with curricular materials.
  • We support teachers as content experts for our K-12 curriculum.
  • Over one month of professional development and support for staff new to the network.

Equitable & Competitive

  • We ensure a transparent salary scale.
  • We offer salaries in the top 25% for comparable regional roles (in the 75th percentile).

“I started teaching at BRICK Gateway Academy because it's a curriculum kids want to learn. BRICK is uniquely successful because they have a different way of approaching education where you're truly servicing the whole child. That approach is what makes BRICK's Gateway Academy schools so effective and so different from other schools.”

Ms. Leake

Lead Teacher, Gateway Academy Schools

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