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Gateway U offers flexible and affordable college degree programs tailored for working adults and non-traditional students.


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Gateway U provides a unique educational experience tailored for working adults seeking to earn a degree and advance their career. Gateway U helps you earn your degree through Southern New Hampshire University's affordable, accelerated and project-based education program. Keep working while studying online with a flexible schedule and one-on-one support the whole way. Whether you aim to complete your degree, change your career path, or enhance your skills, Gateway U is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive approach includes mentorship, career counseling, and a supportive community that fosters both academic and professional growth.

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Help support families create a solid foundation for their future.



A personalized and supportive approach to higher education.

Gateway U combines the flexibility of online learning with the support of mentorship and coaching. Our competency-based education model allows students to progress at their own pace, demonstrating mastery through projects rather than traditional exams. This method ensures that students gain practical, applicable skills. Each student is paired with a personal coach who provides weekly support and helps navigate academic, personal, and career challenges to ensure students overcome barriers and earn their degree. Our guiding principles focus on accessibility, affordability, and support, aiming to reduce the financial barriers that often hinder educational attainment​. 

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“Gateway U has exceeded my expectations so far. My coaches truly care about my success and mastering my projects. They provide me with resources that help me better understand the processes behind the course work. Overall 10/10! I've tried other schools before and the support I get just doesn't compare.”

Karlencia Johnson, Gateway U student


To enroll in Gateway U’s programs, schedule a meeting with our admissions team to review and fill out application forms. You’ll also need to complete your FAFSA, which Gateway U can help you complete. High school seniors and those with a GED or diploma are eligible to apply.

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